Your home rarely sends a clearer warning sign for foundation repair than a bowing foundation wall.  Failing foundations directly impact the safety and value of your home. If left unchecked, foundation problems can get worse and the repair costs typically increase exponentially. If you were ever in a situation where you needed to sell your home or refinance for emergency cash, foundation problems make it nearly impossible.

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What Causes a Bowed Wall?

Foundation walls can bow for a variety of reasons. It can occur due to the age of the structure, poor construction, or water pressure. Bowed walls are commonly seen in older homes due to years of repetitive freeze and thaw cycles and soil settlement. Sometimes, large roots and trees put added pressure on the foundation walls.

Sometimes a bowed wall is caused by poor construction. When a house is built in inadequate conditions, such as lack of rebar, improper drainage system, improper backfilling and negative fall on grading, etc., it will cause the foundation to bow.

Hydrostatic (water) pressure building up in the soil outside of the house is the most common cause of a bowing foundation wall. When the ground freezes and then thaws, it expands and contracts the water in the soil. This results in the soil pushing against the foundation wall. This is why the most common form of a bowed wall is just below the frost line.

How to Fix a Bowed Wall

Carbon Fiber wall supports are a great solution for bowing walls. The patented system is the strongest system on the market because it ties to the foundation base and the house framing.

The carbon fiber is fastened to the sill plate with a galvanized bracket and secured to the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin. Deterioration does not occur because the carbon fiber system is secured to the foundation wall, allowing for an even distribution of outside pressure. Carbon Fiber works on both block and poured concrete foundation walls to repair not only bowing walls, but also all types of foundation cracks. Carbon fiber wall supports are installed from the inside of the basement, so it is less intrusive and less expensive than other repair options. There is no digging into the yard and Carbon Fiber is a clean and fast installation. The final finish is smooth, flat, and nearly invisible when painted. The repair is maintenance-free and can be covered without taking square footage from a basement remodel. The Carbon Fiber system is also perfect to install on a bowing wall in your crawl space. It’s easy to install in tight locations and the footer is already exposed in a crawl space, which will ensure exact connecting to the footer of your home. Contact us today to get your free estimate!*

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If your basement walls are bowing, it can be a sign of pressure pushing against the foundation wall from the outside.

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