Living in the Pacific Northwest means we are no strangers to rain, or to dry rot. Dry rot is the decay of wood caused by a fungus that is dependent on moisture that can be caused by poor ventilation, leaky pipes, and damaged gutters. The longer the problem goes untreated, the more serious the issue can become, compromising the structural integrity and strength of your home.

Here at Foundation King of Oregon, we know how frustrating dry rot issues can be, especially when what seems like a small repair turns out to be a bigger problem than what you had anticipated. If you suspect your home needs dry rot repair, here are some easy telltale signs to check before calling the professionals at Foundation King of Oregon.

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Signs of Wood Rot:

  • Wood begins to crack, shrink, or darken
  • You can pierce wood surfaces with a screwdriver
  • A musty smell can be an indicator of dry rot. Dry rot thrives in wet environments and can turn into mold or fungi
  • Floors in the bathroom or kitchen that feel “bouncy” or creak when you walk on them

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Dry rot issues can be a major inconvenience and even compromise the foundation of your home. Cracked or darkened wood may seem like a small problem, but it can gradually cause bigger and more expensive issues to your home and health over time. If you suspect your home has dry rot issues, call 503.516.4437 to speak to the professionals at Foundation King of Oregon for a complete inspection and consultation today. We can even offer you a free estimate for our repair services!*

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