A building’s foundation is a critical part of its structure. Without a stable foundation, it can become a hazard to anyone living or working inside of it. Although most foundations can be repaired, sometimes a foundation can become so damaged or deteriorate to the point that it is past repair. When this condition occurs, it used to be that the foundation would need to be replaced.  Now, we often have other options including engineered bracing walls that can be installed without lifting your house or disturbing the existing foundation.  Foundation King of Oregon Inc. continues to innovate our methods using the very best in new technology to protect your home and save you money. With our free estimates* and excellent service, you’ll be glad to have a company looking out for your best interest.   

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What Steps Are Involved in Foundation Replacement?

First, we determine the best solution for your project.  Calculations and plans are designed by a licensed structural engineer and submitted to the local building officials for approval. Prior to any work, the structure is stabilized. At this point, we can even lift your house to create a larger crawl space or higher ceilings in your basement – though digging down is an option too. After this is when the real work begins.

We dig down for new concrete footings, which are the basis for any foundation. When we are repairing we generally use an L footing, which is centered beneath the foundation wall, but when we are replacing we use a T footing, which extends into the crawl space or basement so as not to disturb the existing walls. Once excavations are complete,  rebar reinforcement is installed and the new footings are poured. If we are using all concrete, the new walls immediately follow, however, we often use a permanent wood engineered wall.

Though Permanent Wood Foundations (PWF) were approved by the international building code (IBC) in 2015, most foundation contractors are unfamiliar with them and fail to take advantage of their benefits. Built inside of a water impervious membrane, PWF walls can handle the entire load of the structure and surrounding soil and are ready to run utilities, insulate, and drywall upon completion, saving you time, money, and space. Once the walls are completed, anchors are installed to current seismic codes so you, and your house, can rest comfortably on your new foundation.

Whether to Repair or Replace

Foundation replacement is a longer and more expensive project than foundation repair. Foundation replacement may be necessary however, if you begin to notice any of the following signs:

When noticing these symptoms, it’s important to be proactive. Calling in a professional to do an assessment can save a lot of money and give you peace of mind if you need minor repairs. If you need major repairs, it can save you from expensive damages and possible collapse.   

Cautious on committing to a project too soon? Foundation King of Oregon Inc. offers free estimates* and consultations for homeowners, so you can be aware of the details before you begin. 

Let Foundation King of Oregon Inc. come to the rescue! We will safely replace your foundation with care, often at thousands less than what big foundation franchises charge. As a locally owned family business, we understand the need for low-cost, high-quality foundation repair and replacement, which is why we’re here to step up! Reach out to us today at 503.516.4437, our team of specialists are here and ready to be of service.

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The foundation of your home is crucial for the protection of you and your family. At Foundation King, our expert team offers specialized solutions to your home foundation problems. 

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Need to raise your home? We offer house lifting services with the latest technology. If you live in an area where flooding can occur, this can be a good option to protect your home.

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Our seismic retrofitting services can prepare and reinforce the structure of your home in the event of an earthquake. You can be assured that our expert services will keep you and your home safe.

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