At Foundation King of Oregon, we use the latest house lifting technology to move any structure with ease and care. Whether you are relocating your home across town, moving the “she shed” around the backyard, or moving other residential or commercial structures, Foundation King of Oregon will provide exceptional work quality and efficiency at a fair price.

There are countless scenarios that may cause a building to be moved, moving your home across town may be a better cost-effective alternative instead of purchasing a new home. Another common scenario is purchasing a plot of land and building a new home, however, you still need to move the home that is currently there to start building your dream home. House moving can be cost-efficient and reduces the harmful effects to the environment that demolishing a home may cause.

Structural moving can move a house or structure safely across long distances
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On another note, if you love your home, and need to leave your land, it might be a good time to consider moving your home. For whatever reason you need to move your home, whether your current plot of land is prone to natural disasters or to flooding, you have a new job in a different city or state, you don’t like your neighbors, city expansion is encroaching on your land or perhaps the government is building a road through your land and requires you to move your home. If you love your home, you don’t have to leave it, house moving is the answer.

We know you work hard to keep your house in tip-top shape. If your home is full of fond memories and you are not quite ready to let go – don’t! Let us help you relocate your home. Call Foundation King of Oregon at 503.516.4437 today for your free* personalized consultation. We look forward to working with you!

Local & Reliable Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Oregon


We specialize in foundation repair. If you have noticed a wall crack, sinking floors, or bowed walls, we can fix it.

Basement Remodeling and Crawl Space Repair

Basement Finishing &
Crawl Space Conversion

Our team doesn't only handle foundation crack repairs. We can also finish basements & convert crawl spaces.

Earthquake Retrofitting


Let us retrofit your home to better withstand earthquakes and other potential dangers. We can retrofit your home at a cost you love.

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