Don’t let the thought of an earthquake affecting your home keep you up at night. In the event of an earthquake, you and your family’s survival is the most important thing. Many homes built in the last century lack the basic structure and structural anchoring to survive a major seismic event. Seismic retrofitting can help ensure your family and your home will survive in the event of an earthquake and give you the peace of mind of knowing your home is a safe place. In major earthquakes, some homes will collapse, but many of those that are still standing will be unsafe to occupy.

Will you be able to stay in your home?

Older homes require earthquake retrofit service

Homes in the Northwest constructed before the 1980s are susceptible to shifting or collapsing during an earthquake. Homes constructed more than three decades ago may need earthquake strengthening upgrades to prevent shifting or collapsing during a seismic event. Your local experts can provide proper earthquake recommendations for your home.

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Seismic Retrofits Aren't Always A Good Idea - What?

Seismic retrofits are an important way for people to protect their homes and families in the event of an earthquake. However, every week our inspectors go into basements that have been seismically retrofitted; the work is done to code, the right materials were used – and it’s going to do little or nothing when exposed to a seismic event like an earthquake.


Because the concrete in the basement wall is rotten! That’s right, concrete can rot and when it does it gets crumbly and has no structural stability. When you can take a screwdriver and easily dig away at your foundation walls – you’ve got problems. It’s kind of like piling up sand. You can put something on top of the sand and it will hold the load easily, however, start shaking that sand and everything collapses. Ask your engineer – that’s what happens with rotten concrete, and all the seismic brackets in the world won’t hold it together. There is a solution!

Part of our earthquake retrofit services include existing damage inspections

Professional Earthquake Retrofitting Technology

Seismic Shell technology for earthquake retrofitting

Professional Earthquake Retrofitting Technology

Designed and Trademarked

Structural Reinforcement

This engineered foundation system provides unparalleled seismic protection even in structures with failing concrete foundations.


Provides superior seismic protection and structural stability for:

  • Crumbling basement walls
  • Bowing walls
  • Fractured foundations
Meets or Exceeds IBC Residential Code Standards.
Seismic Shell Technology Earthquake Retrofitting

Seismic Shell® Technology

Foundation King is excited to offer seismic retrofits using new Seismic Shell™ technology. This engineered foundation system provides unparalleled seismic protection even in structures with failing concrete foundations. Not only does it provide seismic stability, this new retrofit method is less intrusive to your home!  For more information on Seismic Shell™ retrofits, contact your experts at Foundation King of Oregon today. Don’t forget to ask for your free assessment!*

Seismic Shell™ is the combination of structural components within a building designed to withstand and/or counteract seismic forces and sustain structural integrity when acted upon by the forces of a seismic event.

Local & Reliable Foundation Repair

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We specialize in foundation repair. If you have noticed a wall crack, sinking floors, or bowed walls, we can fix it.

Basement Remodeling and Crawl Space Repair

Basement Finishing &
Crawl Space Conversion

Our team doesn't only handle foundation crack repairs. We can also finish basements & convert crawl spaces.

Earthquake Retrofitting


Let us retrofit your home to better withstand earthquakes and other potential dangers. We can retrofit your home at a cost you love.

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