When your home battles through the four seasons again and again, it takes a toll. Undergoing damp, as well as completely dry cycles, causes soils to naturally expand and tighten. This can compromise the foundation of your home. Foundation King of Oregon can permanently stabilize your foundation walls, leaning, or bowed walls and foundation cracks. Call the experts today!

A wall crack can be a sign that you might need foundation repair service

Homes in the Northwest constructed before the 1980s are susceptible to shifting or collapsing during an earthquake. Homes constructed more than three decades ago may need earthquake strengthening upgrades to prevent shifting or collapsing during a seismic event. Your local experts can provide proper earthquake recommendations for your home.

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Signs of Bowing Walls:

  • Walls tilting inward towards the top
  • Walls sliding inward
  • Inner bowing or bulging
  • Diagonal cracking in corners

How Do Wall Anchors Work?

Wall anchors support beyond the walls of your basement. By extending beyond the walls and the hard-packed dirt beneath your home, wall anchors anchor themselves there and support the foundation wall. This stops internal motion entirely, and with time, tightening these anchors can also relocate your foundation back toward their initial position.

Wall anchors are later adjustable by the homeowner. With a few simple turns of a wrench or ratchet and socket, the homeowner themselves can gain positive correction of a bowing or leaning wall.

Benefits of Wall Anchors:

  • Cost-effective solution to bowing walls
  • Year-round installation
  • Minimal disruption to your landscape

At Foundation King of Oregon, we offer a wide selection of repair products and methods– each created to take on a different source of foundation problems. Ask about water management, foundation solutions for bowing basement walls, dry rot repair, converting a crawl space to a basement, and more! Call to schedule your free estimate* today at 503.516.4437 or fill out our contact form.

Need solutions for your foundation? We can help with that too!

Local & Reliable Foundation Repair

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We specialize in foundation repair. If you have noticed a wall crack, sinking floors, or bowed walls, we can fix it.

Basement Remodeling and Crawl Space Repair

Basement Finishing &
Crawl Space Conversion

Our team doesn't only handle foundation crack repairs. We can also finish basements & convert crawl spaces.

Earthquake Retrofitting


Let us retrofit your home to better withstand earthquakes and other potential dangers. We can retrofit your home at a cost you love.

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